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Social Media and Technology Platforms for Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention (be active 2012 Symposium)

One of the most interesting sessions I attended at be active 2012 was Thursday’s symposium on “Social media and other information technology platforms for sports medicine and injury prevention”, which featured presentations and a discussion with Prof Karim Khan, Prof Caroline Finch, Prof Evert Verhagen, Dr John Orchard, and Mr Nello Marino.  The social media presence at be active was well-planned and well-executed, capitalising on the groundswell of interest in the integration of web tech into sports research and practice.  The popular interest was no better displayed than by the fact that the social media symposium was standing room only for the whole 1.5 hour session!  Aaron Fox and myself were busy bees throughout the session, trying to stay on top of our live blog, live tweeting, and sketchnoting.  It was also heartening (and meta) to see many audience members live-tweeting the session as well.  Really interesting insights from all presenters, drawing from their personal experiences of incorporating social media and Web 2.0 tools into their workflow.  Here are my sketchnotes:

You can follow the speakers on Twitter as listed below.

Prof Karim Khan: @BJSM_BMJ

Prof Caroline Finch: @CarolineFinch

Prof Evert Verhagen: @EvertVerhagen

Dr John Orchard: @DrJohnOrchard

Mr Nello Marino: @SMACEO