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Core Stability: “Myth or Reality? Does It Matter?” – by Evert Verhagen at ECSS 2013

One thing I really enjoy about attending big conferences is the opportunity to learn from researchers in disciplines related but distinct from my own. The keynotes and invited presentations are particularly good opportunities to do this. It’s like turning up for lectures from a course you’re not enrolled in ūüėČ

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Beyond Central and Peripheral Mechanisms in Muscle Fatigue (Invited Presentation by Prof Roger Enoka, European College of Sports Science Congress 2012)

More sketchnotes! ¬†These were from Prof Roger Enoka’s presentation on central and peripheral fatigue, and their effects on muscle physiology and performance¬†(click here for the abstract). ¬†A¬†hot topic in sport and exercise science over the last year or so!

Enoka 2012 - Central and Peripheral Fatigue

Exercise in Extreme Environments: From Space to Antarctica (Invited Presentation by Dr Alexander Stahn, European College of Sport Science Congress 2012)

My sketchnotes from Dr Alexander Stahn’s presentation on extreme environments and cognitive performance, during this year’s European College of Sports Science Congress (Bruges, Belgium) (click here for the abstract). ¬†Great to see a growing body of research examining the body’s response to extreme settings (like outer space!) and physically demanding work in these environments. ¬†Within the Centre for Exercise and Sports Science, we’ve got lots of similarly exciting work being done within the Occupational Exercise Science (OES) chapter – check it out: “Operational readiness of rural firefighters during bushfire suppression”.

Stahn 2012 - Exercise in Extreme Environments: From Space to Antarctica