About Me

Jacquie Tran, Sport ScientistHi there.  My name is Jacquie.  I’m an Australian PhD student, researching ways we can measure and manage the training loads of elite and sub-elite rowers, to optimise their performance.  This blog gives me the space to reflect on my experiences as I progress through the victories and trials of PhD life!

I am a sport scientist, with interests in the research and application of performance analysis, biomechanics, sports physiology, corrective exercise, and elite athlete preparation.  I also teach several undergraduate units within the Exercise and Sport Science course at Deakin University.  Away from work, I am a musician, a hobby photographer, an avid traveller, and a lover of good coffee and great conversation.

If you’d like to know more about me, I am all over the internets.  A good place to start is my website: http://www.jacquietran.com. Want to get in touch with me directly? Send me an email: jac [at] jacquietran.com.



  1. Hi Jacquie
    My name is Ben and I am a PhD student at the University of Cape Town. My research is also in the field of high performance, specifically monitoring the responses of cyclists to training load.
    I am curious about how the national sporting federations work in Australia. Would it be possible to open an email discussion on this topic with you?
    I know you work within Rowing and I would like to know, among other things, is if you have one specialist centre for testing, or if there is a standardised testing protocol, which can be performed at any accredited centre using validated and reliable equipment.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

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