Grace Vincent: “Fighting Fires and Fatigue: Sleep Deprivation and Firefighter Physical Performance” (SLEEP 2014 Conference)

Recently, Grace Vincent (@PhDSleepy) delivered a podium presentation at SLEEP 2014 – the most prestigious sleep research conference in the world – where she presented findings from her PhD research examining sleep deprivation and firefighter physical performance.  Grace is a great mate of mine and a fellow PhD student within the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences; her commitment to scientific integrity provides a benchmark for my own work.  Here are my sketchnotes from her presentation:

Grace Vincent, "Fighting Fires and Fatigue" (sleep deprivation and firefighter performance, presented at SLEEP2014)

Click to view full size

While my primary interests lie in the applied sports science domain, our School’s wide-ranging research profile has allowed me to dabble in a host of other projects exploring the limits of human performance.  When I started pursuing a career in sports science, I never thought I would be involved in firefighter research!  But here we are, years later, and I couldn’t be more proud to contribute to and be associated with Grace’s excellent work in this space.  For more information about Grace’s work, have a read of her SLEEP 2014 abstract:

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