Sports Medicine and Sports Science in 2012 and Beyond (be active 2012 Symposium)

More sketchnotes, this time from the be active 2012 symposium, “Sports Medicine and Sports Science in 2012 and Beyond”.  The session featured a clutch of big-hitters: Prof Karim Khan, Prof Jill Cook, Prof Malcolm Collins, and Prof Roger Enoka.  Such a privilege to hear the thoughts of these highly respected and active scholars on what sports medicine and sports science has been able to achieve, and what is next for our fields…

By the way, I’ve been delighted to receive such lovely comments and emails about my sketchnotes!  Many have asked how I do it, and I’ve been meaning to write a workflow blog post for a while now so that will be coming up in the next week or so, providing greater detail about my sketchnote and mind map processes.  But for now, here’s the short version!

Option 1: pen and paper

It often surprises people to find out that I love writing and working with a physical pen and a sketchbook, given my online presence.  Admittedly, there is an element of new media to the process:

  • Step 1 – create a mind map or sketchnote using pen and paper.
  • Step 2 – use my smartphone (Android) to digitise each page using CamScanner.
  • Step 3 – export to PDF from within CamScanner, and share the file to relevant platforms (e.g., a note management system like Evernote, my blogs, Twitter, etc.).

Option 2: iPad

I’ve recently acquired an iPad and I quite enjoy using it.  Though I love the romanticism in putting pen to paper, the digitising process can be tedious, particulary with extensive sketchnotes spanning many pages.  The iPad addresses this problem quite nicely:

  • Step 1 – create a mind map or sketchnote within the GoodNotes app for iPad, using a stylus (this is critical if you are a neat freak like me!)
  • Step 2 – export to PDF from within GoodNotes, and share the file to relevant platforms.


  1. Prof Malcolm Collins is awesome! He is at my university and I’ve heard him speak!
    I love the sketchnotes!!! Thanks for the tips!

      1. Yip,trying to complete my PhD at the University of Cape Town. At this stage, I am so sick of it! 🙂

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