In Search of Sports Medicine Success (Refshauge Lecture by Prof Karim Khan, be active 2012)

My sketchnotes from Prof Karim Khan’s entertaining and insightful plenary keynote, delivered last week at be active 2012 (Sydney, Australia).  I never get tired of hearing successful individual’s thoughts on success – how do you foster it, how do you sustain it, how do you avoid the dysfunctions that detract from success?  Karim touched on all of these and more, drawing from his extensive experiences as a sports physician and researcher.  You can follow Karim on Twitter: @BJSM_BMJ.


  1. Thanks for such a cohesive map Jacquie – I can’t believe how fast you can get that art done! (I spotted you working on ‘Sketchnotes’ during another presentation).

    1. Thanks for commenting Karim 🙂 It’s actually quite a quick process once you get the hang of it. Very helpful to have a stylus and an intuitive app – I used GoodNotes at be active and found it quite good! 🙂

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